RGB Camera

Follow this guide to learn how to build a sample app to retrieve RGB camera data from Nreal Light glasses through NRSDK.

Open the Sample Scene

  • In the Unity Project window, you can find the CameraCaptureDemo sample in: Assets > NRSDK >Demos > RGBCamera.

Build and Run the Sample App

  • Enable developer options and USB debugging on your Nreal Light computing unit. Android Debug Bridge (adb) is enabled as default.
  • Connect your Nreal Light computing unit to your Windows PC.
  • In the Unity Build Settings window, click Build and Run.
See CameraCaptureController.cs , located in Assets > NRSDK > Demos > CameraCapture > Scripts for an example on how to get the texture of RGB Camera.
  • Initialize NRCameraCapture in MonoBehaviour and configure it as follows:

    public RawImage CaptureImage;
     private void Start()
         RGBCamTexture = new NRRGBCamTexture();
         CaptureImage.texture = RGBCamTexture.GetTexture();